Ski Celebration

2014 Ski Events

Just when you think you’ve got ski retreats all figured out, here comes the new guys with new ideas. We’ve been around now for 13 years and we are now the fastest growing ski company serving youth groups! We want you to know what we’re doing that’s such a hit with youth ministers!

First-All of our skis are shaped and our boots are simply the best available. You will have the best equipment on the mountain at the lowest price! We even have free upgrades to DEMO skis for youth ministers.Waterwater Express Ski Celebration

Second-Our SureFit program is also a hit. We can actually pre-fit your group so when you arrive at our shop, your ski boots and skis are already labeled with your names. You just pick them up and go ski. No more waiting in rental lines!

Third-We will give you one free raft trip for every two paid skiers you bring on a qualified ski trip! This program has been a giant hit in Youth Ministry! It’s called “Ski Now—Raft Later.” This can really be a big help to your youth budget! You can use these passes at the most popular camp for youth groups in the Southeast.

Fourth-We are a Christian company with a ski shop that your youth will love. We play ski videos and Christian music. We make it fun and easy to get your equipment!

So, we hope you will give us a call. We think you will agree we have truly raised the bar on ski trips for youth ministry!

Please call or email for a quote on this years retreat. We are happy to help you with just your ski rentals and lift tickets or we can arrange your entire retreat including lodging, meals, and meeting facilities.

Check out our website for more details.