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 Whitewater Kayak Instruction: Chattahoochee

½ Day (Introduction to Whitewater) 4 Hour Class

Anyone can learn to kayak!
Instructors will individually fit students with the gear that is most comfortable and appropriate. (Helmet, Type III PFD, Paddle, Spray Skirt, Dry Top/Splash Jacket) Nose plugs are available as well.
Next, essential river safety is covered. (Throw ropes, tuck, whitewater swim position, etc) At Wave-shaper Island students will learn the basic strokes for propulsion and turning the kayak, as well as high/low bracing.
After learning to wet-exit and T-Rescue, students will begin roll class. Rolling may take a few lessons to achieve depending on the student.
To wrap up the lesson, students will test their new paddling skills in Wave Shaper rapid!
(Proper safety will be set up by instructors below rapid.)

Full Day (Intro) 8 Hour Class

Schedule for ½ day, followed by lunch @ Island or Put-in.
Full river run after lunch. Pemberton Falls will most likely be portaged by beginners (instructor’s choice).
This run will be all about learning how to maneuver the kayak in moving current. We will be ferrying across currents, catching eddies, peeling out, practicing edging, river rescue (throw ropes), etc.
Once paddlers reach cut-bait/wave shaper they will have the option of which rapid to run. From this point instructors will continue personalized instruction on how to stay upright in whitewater.


Clinics will begin Saturday, October 5th. Here are the prices:
1/2 Day: $58
Full Day: $98
2 Day: $188

Call 334-298-9521 to make your reservation.

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